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PT. Nature Prime Indonesia is a company specializing in exporting various types of fruits such as mangosteen. bananas. dragon fruit. durian. and poultry products including chicken meat and its parts. In its operations, the company not only aims to market Indonesia’s flagship products to the international market but also plays a crucial role in assisting MSMEs (Micro. Small. and Medium Enterprises) in Indonesia to export their products.

One of PT. Nature Prime Indonesia’s strengths is its commitment to ensuring the quality of exported products. The company implements strict management and packaging standards to ensure that the products meet international quality requirements and can compete globally.

Furthermore. PT. Nature Prime Indonesia provides consulting and guidance services to MSMEs who want to enter the export market. They assist in the certification process. packaging. shipping, as well as legal and regulatory aspects related to international trade. Thus, the company not only serves as a business partner for MSMEs but also acts as a facilitator helping them overcome potential barriers in the export process.

PT. Nature Prime Indonesia is not just an ordinary export company but also a driving force in expanding the export market for Indonesia’s flagship products and helping to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of MSMEs in the country.


To become a leader in the export industry of fruits and poultry products, while also being the primary partner for MSMEs in Indonesia to enter the global export market.


Produce and deliver high-quality products that meet international standards to customers worldwide.

Provide consultation and guidance services to MSMEs to facilitate the export of their Products.

Commit to innovation in management, packaging, and distribution of products, while ensuring environmental sustainability in every operational step.

Build strong partnerships with local farmers and chicken producers to ensure sustainable product supply.

Actively contribute to the economic development of Indonesia by empowering small end medium-sized businesses through the export of flagship products.

Nature Prime Indonesia refers to high-quality natural products from Indonesia that are a major attraction in International trade.

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